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This blog is a space to share a love for music! Ranging from post-hardcore to reggae, from rap to classic rock, edm to alternative. (Literally everything)

Read whatever sounds interesting, check out playlists, get some new music recommendations, submit your opinions, or message me for a feature article!

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No Music, No Life

Song Picks for September

  1. NOT FAIR by The Kid LAROI ft Corbin
  2. Leaked by Lil Tjay
  3. nothing else i could do by ella jane
  4. Left Lonely by Hotboii
  5. KING by Eli Moon
  6. Beetlejuice by Mariah the Scientist
  7. Ghosts Around Midnight – Demo by Felly
  8. Cheatin’ Songs by Midland
  9. You Sad by Tkay Maidza
  10. I Feel Alive by TOPS

Yoana’s playlist of the month:


Top Recent Album Releases

F*CK LOVE by The Kid LAROI // Coming from Juice WRLD’s protégée this album is an early gem. Pained and earnest
vocals, a forcefully delivery, and of course heartbreak inspired lyrics, this album is going to be on loop for a while.
Whole New Mess by Angel Olsen // A soft coming of the ebb and flow of all that is human. A testament to the way we
fuck things up and then pick ourselves up and put ourselves back together.
Poetic Pain by Toosii // Coming just a couple months after the release of the Deluxe version of Platinum Hearts, Toosii proves he’s doing the opposite of slowing down. From lighthearted and melodic songs to touching ones such as “Don’t Tell” (slight trigger warning, mentions of abuse), the album is expansive and continues to prove his range.
Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee // A heartbreaking, honest look into what it means to be a deeply flawed human
(as we all are) and yet still knowing how to keep the deep tenderness of love alive
Old Flowers by Courtney Marie Andrews // A heartbreaking record that Courtney Marie Andrews delivers in the softest way possible. This album is an omen, a sign, a blanket of warmth on the first cold morning of the season, and a reminder that people move in and out of our lives whether we are ready to let them go or not.

Meet the Writer – Yoana Tosheva

The Story So Far @ Riot Fest 2019

“We danced and drank and went to rock shows. Our lives were just beginning, our favorite moment was right now, our favorite songs were unwritten.” – Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield

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