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for the love of music

Song Picks for September

  1. True Opera by Moor Jewelry (Moor Mother & Mental Jewelry)
  2. Country Figs by Alex Cameron
  3. На Дне by Molchat Doma
  4. Left Hand Cigarette by Record Heat
  5. Identity Crisis by Dark Thoughts
  6. Concealer by The Afghan Whigs
  7. Sacrifice by George Riley
  8. Love Quotes by Jenevieve
  9. Home Maker by Sudan Archives
  10. Teenagers by The Summer Set, Against The Current

playlist of the month:

Moor Jewelry (Camae Ayewa and Steven Montenegro)

Best Recent Album Releases

How Do You Burn? by The Afghan Whigs
Present Tense by Yumi Zouma
Get Fucked by The Chats
Blue Skies by Dehd
Janky Star by Grace Ives

Meet the Writer: Yoana Tosheva

The Story So Far @ Riot Fest 2019

“We danced and drank and went to rock shows. Our lives were just beginning, our favorite moment was right now, our favorite songs were unwritten.” – Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield

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